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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has emerged as a major competitor to the Apple iPad. This is good news for the people who would like to have a tablet but aren't interested in having an Apple product. It is a close race between the two to decide which is the better product. In large part it will come down to personal taste.

galaxy tab vs apple ipad

The main area where the Samsung Galaxy Tab is superior to the Ipad is when it comes to size. The Galaxy Tab is a much more convenient size than the Ipad. This makes it much more practical to carry around than the Ipad and it is one of the major appeals of the Galaxy Tab.

The other area where the Samsung Galaxy is a clear winner is when it comes to media support. The Galaxy Tab can play videos in almost any format which is something that Ipad can't do. This makes it much easier to use the Galaxy Tab for watching videos making it the clear winner in this area. When I went and bought my Galaxy Tab at Mediamarkt Antwerpen this was the main selling point for me.

When it comes to speed it does seem that the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes out ahead there as well. Although this one is much closer. In reality it would be more fair to say that the difference in speed is almost irrelevant. Nevertheless if you have to pick a winner in this area you would probably have to go with the Galaxy Tab.

The area where the Apple Ipad is the clear winner over the Galaxy Tab is when it comes to apps. There are far more apps available for the Ipad than there are for the Galaxy Tab. This is made even worse because the apps that are available for the Android operating system are not normally optimized for use on the Galaxy Tab, whereas even the apps ported from the Apple iPhone to the iPad are virtually perfect. The result is that right now there are very few apps for the Galaxy Tab. The Ipad on the other hand has hundreds of thousands of apps for it.

The other area where the Ipad is the clear winner is when it comes to the screen. It has a bigger screen with better resolution. Clearly this makes it the better option for things like watching video. Of course that bigger screen comes at the price of a bigger device so you will have to decide if you want the bigger screen or the more practical device to carry around.

Choosing between the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Apple iPad is largely going to come down to personal choice. In a lot of ways they are very similar so there isn't really a lot to choose between them. At this point it would probably be fair to say that the iPad is the better option but it really is a close race. There are however a lot of people who would prefer not to buy an Apple product, for them the Samsung Galaxy Tab is an excellent option.