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Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first true competitor for Apple's Ipad. There have been other attempts to build a competing tablet but they have largely been failures. The Galaxy Tab is the first one that can mount a serious threat. This version is far from perfect and there is certainly room for improvement, which will likely happen with future models. However for now you would have to say that Samsung are off to a good start in building their first tablet.

There are a lot of things to like about the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The biggest positive is probably the size. This is a tablet that can rival the Ipad in terms of performance with a much more convenient size. The Ipad is an excellent product but the obvious short coming that it has is that its size makes it awkward to carry around. This isn't really an issue with the Galaxy. With a seven inch screen it is much more practical. That being said a lot of people have been turned off by the size of the Samsung Galaxy. It is kind of in between sizes, bigger than a smart phone but smaller than a tablet. It seems many people aren't ready for a product of this size.

The other real positive with the Samsung Galaxy Tab is that it has two cameras, one of which is front facing. This makes it much easier to use. You would think that other makers would realize that you need a camera facing both ways but apparently not. This is all combined into an attractive package that makes the Galaxy a strong contender in the tablet market.

The operating system that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the probably the biggest negative. It isn't the operating system itself that is the problem, Android 2.2 is excellent. The problem is that it clearly hasn't been optimized for the larger screen that comes with the Galaxy Tab according to the experts at We Review Phones. This may in fact be the reason that they chose to go with the seven inch screen. If it were any bigger it would really show that Android 2.2 isn't yet ready for tablets. As it is there are still some obvious short comings that most people will find to be a nuisance.

The thing that is really holding the Samsung Galaxy Tab from becoming much more popular is the carrier commitment that comes with it. Right now the only option is to sign up for a plan with a two year commitment. Even worse there is a monthly data cap on all of the plans that are available. As long as this continues to be the case it is hard to see the Samsung Galaxy Tab becoming a popular option. There are just too many competitors with more flexible plans available for large numbers of people to agree to the terms that come with the Galaxy Tab.