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Samsung Galaxy Tab Apps

One of the most important features for any tablet is the apps that are available for it. Right now this is one of the weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In order to work properly you need to download apps that are optimized for it but these are actually quite difficult to find. This will almost certainly change as more people start to use it but for now it is a major nuisance.

galaxy tab apps

One of the issues facing users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is downloading the apps for it. The problem is that because of the larger screen size that is used you need to download apps that are optimized specifically for the Galaxy Tab. Unfortunately the only way to tell if an app has been optimized for the Galaxy Tab is to download it and find out. It would be nice if they would separate the apps that are intended for the Galaxy Tab from those that aren't like Apple does for the Ipad. However this hasn't happened and it doesn't seem like it is going to happen anytime soon. Everybody responsible seems to think that doing so is somebody else's job.

The way that you are supposed to find Apps for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is to use the market right on the tablet. This is actually true of any device that runs with the Android operating system. In theory your Galaxy Tab should only show options that are optimized for that device. This is why you can only find apps with your Galaxy Tab rather than on your PC. In practice this doesn't work as well as it should. You will still get a large number of results that are not optimized for the Galaxy Tab. If you do download an app that isn't properly optimized you will know it immediately since it will float in the middle of the screen and you won't be able to blow it up. I regularly play in freeroll poker tournaments on my tab, and for some reason, every once in a while, I can't take the action I want. In any game, that's just hugely frustrating.

The general consensus seems to be that the best way to find apps that are properly optimized for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is to actually include that in your search term. Simply search for Galaxy Tab and you will get a list of apps that are optimized for your tablet. Although you will likely still get a number of results that aren't. In most cases the apps that you will find are simply different versions of the apps that are available for your phone. There don't seem to be any apps that are intended specifically for the Galaxy Tab available yet. That will likely change as it starts to become more popular but for now the apps are fairly limited. It also seems that most of apps that are available are simply the other versions being expanded for the bigger screen rather than new apps that are designed to take advantage of the extra functions that are available on the Galaxy Tab.