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The Galaxy Tab is Samsungs attempt to take on the Apple iPad in the tablet market. Given the massive success of the iPad it really should come as no surprise that there would be a number of competitors. Most of those competitors have failed miserably when it comes to taking on the iPad. Really the Galaxy Tab is the first one to come along to represent a serious threat to Apple. There are a lot of things to like about the Galaxy Tab and although it probably hasn't yet reached the level that people will trade in their iPad for one it is getting to the point where there is serious debate about which is the better option.

There are some areas where the Galaxy Tab is the better product and there are some areas where the iPad remains better. That means the best choice for a lot of people is going to come down to their personal preferences. The area where the Galaxy Tab has the biggest advantage is size. It is much smaller than the iPad which means that it is easier to carry it around. Of course that smaller size also means that it has a smaller screen so the iPad generally wins when it comes to the quality of the screen.

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The other area where the Galaxy Tab seems to be a clear winner is with the operating system. It uses the Android operating system which has quickly become the most popular option for portable devices. In a lot of ways this comes down to personal preference but most people do seem to prefer Android. However the iPad is still well ahead of the Galaxy Tab when it comes to apps (mostly thanks to it's shared platform with the popular iPhone). There are very few apps that are available for the Galaxy Tab since all of the apps designed for Android have to be redesigned to optimize them for the larger screen. The iPad on the other hand has hundreds of thousands of apps available for it. Over time the number of apps available for the Galaxy Tab will surely increase but it will take a long time before they over take the iPad in this area.

One of the main attractions of the Galaxy Tab is that it isn't an Apple product. Some people love Apple while others hate it. The objection that most people have with Apple products is that they aren't compatible with the products of other companies. The biggest issue here according to TechnologyVentures (*see resources on the right) is that you can't watch Flash video on your iPad. This isn't an issue with the Galaxy Tab which allows you to watch video in any format. The fact that you can't download programs from places other than iTunes is also a serious turn off for many users when it comes to the iPad. Ultimately your choice will come down to personal taste but at least the Galaxy Tab gives you a viable alternative to the iPad.